Terra: French Immersion – France

Immersion – this is a word that anyone who’s ever studied a foreign language has heard. It is tough to reach a certain level of mastery before being immersed in the language you’re studying, meaning that everyone around you is speaking that language. … … For me, that language was French and my way of […]

Terra: Le Louvre – Paris, France

Le Louvre- one of the world’s largest museums. It is home to some of the finest works of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, and Auguste Renoir. There are sculptures, paintings, drawings, and countless other works of art. Also, Le Louvre is home to lots of ancient art and artifacts- both European and […]

Terra: Bon Appétit – France

What comes to mind when you think of France? It’s the history, perhaps? Or is it the language? Maybe you think of the culture. Personally, I think of a very specific part of French culture that is dear to both my heart and stomach. You guessed it – food.  … … Let’s begin by discussing […]

Terra: A Whole New World – Paris, France

Traveling overseas for the first time is a very exciting experience for me. Of course, the second and third times are great too, but the first time has a certain je ne sais quoi, a newness, that the other times don’t. I embark on my journey to France as an American who grew up in […]

Terra: Sur le Pont d’Avignon – Avignon, France

“Sur le pont d’Avignon, on y danse, on y danse…” Do you recognize this song? Whether you do or not, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it before. It refers to a bridge in Avignon, France called “Pont Saint-Bénézet.” I am lucky enough to see this bridge in person on my trip to the Provence […]

Terra: Crêpe on a Sunny Day – Paris, France

Where? Paris, of course. What better place to order a crepe on a sunny day? The air smells smoky and sweet. The soft wind carries a slight February chill, but it’s actually kind of pleasant compared 3 feet of snow back home in New York. Besides, the scenery distracts me from it. Blocks of baroque […]

Terra: American Cemetery – Normandy, France

June 6, 1944 – this is a day that changed history. This is the day the allied troops stormed Normandy’s beaches, fighting a battle that would end up being one of their most important victories of World War Two. This victory, however, did not come without any significant loss. I can see that just by […]

Terra: The Streets – Paris, France

If I were to give someone planning to travel to Paris in a large group one piece of advice, what would it be? My advice would be to watch yourself. What is the significance of that statement? Does it mean I’m going to get shot at, you ask? Watch yourself- sounds menacing. No, getting shot […]

Terra: Versailles – Paris, France

The Hall of Mirrors, or La Galerie des Glaces in French – that’s what I am the most excited to see when my travel group visits the Palace of Versailles. I can barely contain myself as I step out of the bus. The Hall of Mirrors… the idea jabs me teasingly, as my group takes […]

Terra: The Most Splendid Orchestra – Nice, France

I tighten my grip on my friend’s sleeve as we make our way through a busy city square in Nice. The square is not busy with honking cars and hissing buses, but people- laughing, toasting, and getting ready to celebrate the New Year. Although we’ve been advised to pay close attention so we don’t lose […]