Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Alaina Steensma – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … Throughout the course of this trip, from preparation to the weeks after i have learned a number of immeasurable things about not only myself but my culture and theirs. To start with myself i learned that being able to change plans at a moments notice and to not get hung up on a […]

Aero: France 2018 - City Life

Aero: Alaina Steensma – France 2018 – City Life

… … City life in France is largely different from a large American city for many reasons the first being that the height of the buildings are almost all relatively short compared to a larger American city like Las Vegas, New York City or even Rochester, for that matter. As well as once you reach […]

France 2018 - Life at School

Aero: Alaina Steensma – France 2018 – Life at School

… … The schools in France are both similar and different in many aspects of either. To begin, the class size seems to be about the same as an average high school here in America. The learning materials however I feel are mostly different here in America it feels as if everything is geared to […]

France 2018 - My Expectations

Aero: Alaina Steensma – France 2018 – My Expectations

… … While i anxiously await our departure to France it also gives me plenty of time to search and try and prepare myself for what life will be like in a different country. I expect that the food portions will be smaller and/or lighter in comparison to the large heavy portions we have here […]