Terra: A Whole New World – Paris, France

Traveling overseas for the first time is a very exciting experience for me. Of course, the second and third times are great too, but the first time has a certain je ne sais quoi, a newness, that the other times don’t. I embark on my journey to France as an American who grew up in […]

Terra: Crêpe on a Sunny Day – Paris, France

Where? Paris, of course. What better place to order a crepe on a sunny day? The air smells smoky and sweet. The soft wind carries a slight February chill, but it’s actually kind of pleasant compared 3 feet of snow back home in New York. Besides, the scenery distracts me from it. Blocks of baroque […]

Terra: The Streets – Paris, France

If I were to give someone planning to travel to Paris in a large group one piece of advice, what would it be? My advice would be to watch yourself. What is the significance of that statement? Does it mean I’m going to get shot at, you ask? Watch yourself- sounds menacing. No, getting shot […]

Terra: Versailles – Paris, France

The Hall of Mirrors, or La Galerie des Glaces in French – that’s what I am the most excited to see when my travel group visits the Palace of Versailles. I can barely contain myself as I step out of the bus. The Hall of Mirrors… the idea jabs me teasingly, as my group takes […]

Terra: The Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

When I first traveled to Paris, France in 2012 with a group of fellow students, my friend Kira asked our tour guide a question that both humored me and got me thinking. “How much would it cost to buy the Eiffel tower?” Anne Marie, our tour guide, paused for a moment, slightly caught off guard, […]

Aero: Gabrielle Johnson – France 2014 – City Life

Aero: Gabrielle Johnson – France 2014 – City Life Walking down the city streets of France was slightly dissimilar from many cities in the United States. Coming from a small town, it was interesting to see the hustle and fast pace of France. It seemed as if, every street was loaded with cafes, bakeries, and […]

Folium: Use Photos To Ask For Directions in Foreign Countries via Lifehacker

Folium: Use Photos To Ask For Directions in Foreign Countries via Lifehacker File this post under survival! What do you do when you want to travel, but can’t breach the language barrier? Taking photos of maps, landmarks, and common objects can help you go a long way in a foreign land. This is why smartphones […]

Aero: An American In Paris – Paris je t’aime

Aero: An American In Paris – Paris je t’aime After bidding a fond farewell to Giverny, I have successfully relocated to Montmartre, Paris, where I’ll be renting an apartment for the next few days.  Despite my poor sense of direction and butchered French, I found the Paris metro relatively easy to navigate and there were […]

Aero: Giverny, France – First Impressions

Aero: Giverny, France – First Impressions via The LEAF Project Bonjour! First of all, I must apologize for taking so long to post—apparently Internet access can be somewhat tricky in rural France. I’ve had some amazing experiences in the past week, but before anything else I have to share my thoughts on the local scenery […]