Spanish Vocabulary: Food – Fast Food

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary : Food – Fast Food el vocabulario español : la comida – la comida rápida A variety of fast food items and ordering terms. Dine in fast food restaurants. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study el batido : milkshake El batido es muy grueso. The milkshake is […]

Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… I am generally viewed by most of my family as a fairly picky eater. I don’t typically like to try different things and I usually eat just the basic food (meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.) With that said, the eating part of the trip was one part that really worried me. When we got to […]

Aero: Ana Northrop – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… At home we would have breakfast every day.  It was usually fruit, toast with jam, butter or cream cheese, juice, and tea.  Occasionally Maria would switch it up and make breakfast sandwiches or cheese tortillas.  She would do all of the cooking at breakfast and dinner, I would offer to help but she said […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… I came to realize that when dining at a restaurant in Costa Rica, it really would be helpful if I knew more Spanish. When we went out for meals, which we often did as a group, it was easier when we needed help because we had our professors who spoke Spanish very well. But […]

Aero: Sarah Warner – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… Being a vegetarian and unfortunately somewhat of a picky eater, you can imagine I was a bit nervous about what exactly I was going to eat while away in Costa Rica.  However, overall I found the food to be interesting but tasty. … … My host mother Maria Marta was so nice about making […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… The food in Costa Rica was quite good! It was different from what I eat every day. Rice and beans came with many of our meals, and a day without it felt odd. At times, we didn’t know what we were eating so we came up with our own words. … … The Chayote […]

Aero: Brianna Jackson – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… The food and dining in Costa Rica was one of the best aspects of the cultural experience. Breakfast and dinner was usually shared with my fellow classmates at our host family home, and unfortunately, our host family members never ate with us, instead making sure that we were all settled and had enough to […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… The food in Costa Rica is similar to food in the United Sates, but it is prepared differently. The one place that I got to see where the food was made was at my home. When I was up in time in the mornings, I would watch my host mother make breakfast. Almost every […]

Aero: Kelly Bailey – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… The food Mayra cooked us was always delicious. Without fail every meal included rice and beans. Yes, that includes breakfast! In the mornings she would usually made us eggs and pre-toasted toast, which was just hard bread. For dinner we would always have some sort of meat with rice and beans, and a vegetable. […]

Spanish Photo Flashcards: Places in the City – Food and Drink

… Spanish Photo Flashcards: Places in the City – Food and Drink las foto-tarjetas en español: los lugares en la ciudad – la comida y las bebidas LEAF Spanish Vocabulary: Places in the City – Food and Drink Click on any thumbnail below to start a slideshow. Click on the LEFT or RIGHT arrows to navigate. You can also use the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys […]

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