Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … When boiled down, all of the information I received and processed, the critical thoughts I pondered, and the personal revelations I reflected upon left me with one unambiguous, concrete notion about myself and the world that I live in. Before I reveal this realization, let me first give warning that the notion in […]

Aero: France 2018 - History and Culture

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – History and Culture

… … Without a doubt, this history of France was the most captivating and intoxicating part of the trip. Perhaps it is due to my natural disposition to the subject, but I thought nearly everything about France’s past was equally fascinating and impressive. I believe this is, in part, due to the “I’m where it […]

Aero: France 2018 - Food and Dining

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – Food and Dining

… … Before reading this reflection, please take a moment to sit down and prepare yourself for a bombshell so controversial that even Donald Trump’s twitter account pales in comparison. As a legal disclaimer, in the event of being overwhelmed by the upcoming bombshell, emergency services can be reached by dialing: 9-1-1. So, the time […]

Aero: France 2018 - City Life

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – City Life

… … Before any discussion of city life takes place, I would like to begin this reflection with a rant, denouncing the despicable, tortuous traffic apparatus created by Lucifer-himself to remind humanity that we will never escape sin or enter heaven. I speak, of course, of the round-a-bout. Above all in life, if there is […]

Aero: France 2018 - Family Life

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – Family Life

… … If my experience on the periphery of French family life can be summed up in one word, it would be close. Everything, from physical proximity, to inside jokes, to personal issues was common knowledge in my host-family. However, what deeply fascinated me was how the family included me within this closeness, almost without […]

Aero: France 2018 - Travel

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – Travel

… … To begin with, I thought the process of flying was not nearly as infuriating as others believe. TSA, the bane of most traveler’s existence, was not a terribly difficult obstacle if you did what you were told, did it quickly, and did not act like “that guy.” In my opinion, most of the […]

France 2018 - Life at School

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – Life at School

… … When asked to describe the quintessential French high-school experience, as viewed with the unbiased eye of a foreigner, the only relatable image that comes to mind is the stereotypical high school created by Hollywood for the silver screen. Whether a sit-com, movie, or soap-opera, crystal-clear themes of freedom, friendliness, and cheerfulness are broadcast […]

France 2018 - My Expectations

Aero: Dallas Zebrowski – France 2018 – My Expectations

… … I would like to preface this first reflection regarding my initial expectations with a promise, which is essential to the credibility of my answer. I promise I did put critical thought and a fair amount of contemplation into answering the question, what will “life” be like in France? With that said, my answer […]