Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … My trip to France was an incredible experience. It didn’t change me as much as it reinforced knowledge and viewpoints which I already possessed. This trip bolstered my travel experience. It also fortified my views on the world and being part of it. Most importantly, it helped me get a deeper understanding of […]

Aero: France 2018 - History and Culture

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – History and Culture

… … History and culture go hand in hand in France. The history is in their artistic style and vice-versa. It’s prominently displayed in their architecture, ranging from medieval castles to gothic cathedrals and Roman ruins. Their architecture and landmarks display a culture rich with royalty and strife. We got to see much of it […]

Aero: France 2018 - Food and Dining

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – Food and Dining

… … The food in France is amazing, to say the least. It was a breath of fresh air from the fried or sugary foods I eat here. Meals, especially with guests, seemed to almost be a ritual. Everywhere I ate, I could tell that a lot of care and effort were put into preparing […]

Aero: France 2018 - City Life

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – City Life

… … City life in France was fairly different than in the U.S. However, it shares many similarities. City life is generally faster-paced and more aggressive than life in rural areas. There are homeless people and beggars scattered everywhere and people usually don’t speak to one-another very often while getting around. Drivers constantly honk at […]

Aero: France 2018 - Family Life

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – Family Life

… … My family life experience in France was great. I would go so far as to say that my experiences with them were my favorite part of the trip. The Melessike family (my host family) originated from Togo Africa. Because of this, I feel that my experience was quite unique in that I received […]

Aero: France 2018 - Travel

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – Travel

… … Travel is something I’ve experienced much of in recent years. I’ve driven through 18 different states in a period of 2 weeks. That’s over 6,000 miles. I’ve taken buses to and from Maine multiple times. I’ve used the metro to get around Chicago. I’ve flown to different states across the U.S. numerous times. […]

France 2018 - Life at School

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – Life at School

… … Life in school at France is quite different from America. In some ways I feel that these differences have their advantages; however, in other ways I feel they have disadvantages as well. Regardless though, the differences provided an interesting and unique experience. I’d also like to note that, because of my being a […]

France 2018 - My Expectations

Aero: Brent Roberts – France 2018 – My Expectations

… … I honestly don’t feel as if I have enough experience with traveling outside of my own country to set detailed expectations. I haven’t done any research into France or its culture and that’s the way I prefer it. I want the ground to fall out from under my feet because I enjoy the […]