Aero: France 2018 - Epilogue

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – Epilogue

… … Travel is a great way to expose yourself to new concepts, conditions, and test your abilities in a multitude of ways. I think that travel allows for more introspection, especially when reflecting upon it in this manner. It taught me a variety of new philosophies and showed me countless new perspectives. I believe […]

Aero: France 2018 - History and Culture

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – History and Culture

… … Initially, one my largest motivators to attend this trip was the historical background of the region and the unique culture surrounding it. Indeed, this aspect of the experience was one of the most appealing to me throughout the duration of the trip. Previous to attending the trip, I had been interested in studying […]

Aero: France 2018 - Food and Dining

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – Food and Dining

… … Previously, the French cuisine was one of the aspects I anticipated most on the trip. Predictably, I was not disappointed by the exquisite and delectable food that was served throughout the various regions of France. The dining style was also an exciting experience, which surpassed my expectations. All the various features relating to […]

Aero: France 2018 - City Life

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – City Life

… … During my stay in France I mainly visited two major locations, Paris and Vitré; each one contained its own set of eccentricities and individualisms. I found both to be unparalleled by any American town, both in their physicality and attitudes. Similarly, even the two places that I visited in France are not equal […]

Aero: France 2018 - Family Life

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – Family Life

… … During my far too brief visit to Vitré France, I had the privilege of being graciously accommodated by a local host family who provided me with innumerable insights on the culture and country. Before arriving in Vitré I had no previous correspondence with my host family, therefore they knew relatively little about me […]

Aero: France 2018 - Travel

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – Travel

… … Traveling in foreign countries can often times be a mixed bag of moods and experiences, they can be exciting, interesting, and enlightening, but travel can also be exhausting, complicated, and tedious. Throughout our experiences in France we traveled to many different places through a variety of means, which all had their own set […]

France 2018 - Life at School

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – Life at School

… … My expectations regarding French public schools were previously undeveloped, owing to my homeschooled education. However, my experience at FLCC gave me a degree of comparison to which I could contrast my observations of French high schools and colleges. The experience showcased an array of differences between American schools and French ones, although there […]

France 2018 - My Expectations

Aero: Henry Livingston – France 2018 – My Expectations

… … I’m enthusiastic to have this opportunity to study abroad in such a diverse, vibrant, and intriguing place as France. However, I have previously had little experience with traveling abroad and I’m therefore uncertain exactly what to expect. Nevertheless, I believe this will be an opportunity to learn about the unique aspects of French […]